HR policy


We have a rigorous selection process for our in-house and freelance translators taking due care and diligence to provide the most suitable team of translators for each project, in turn, ensuring that our clients select us as the “right solution partner” for each task.

At Transcom Translation Services, we welcome freelance translators meeting our strict qualification standards. We have an ongoing recruitment process throughout the year giving us access to the best possible talent out there.

Our recruitment process starts with the evaluation of a candidate’s:

  • the University and their field of study
  • the years of experience in the sector
  • good references

Following the selection process, a trial translation is sent to the applicant which is then evaluated by our Project managers in terms of the criteria of loyalty to the source text, use of correct and consistent terminology and accuracy.

The suitable applicants are registered to the translator database following their agreement to our Terms and Conditions. Post-registration, they become part of our team of translators where their work is continuously checked by our editors to ensure they meet our high standards

Feedback is provided to the translators on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis, to improve the quality of their work and timeliness. In turn, our translators are encouraged to communicate with the Project Managers and Editors to increase efficiencies. This dynamic two-way communication and feedback pattern allows us to work together with our team members and retain talent for long periods of time.

Another reason behind our success in building a strong business with a good reputation lies on our team of translators adopting our philosophies and work ethics. Our team has been part of our journey through which they have offered tailor-made solutions to the clients and have fully engaged with projects from start to finish, adding to the consistency evident in our work.