Our Services

Patent Translations

The number of national and international patent application filings is increasing every year to a serious extent. This increase brought along an increasing need for the translation of documents on intellectual and industrial rights. Our company, which is primarily specialized in patent translations, continues to be the leader in the field of patent translations with its expert team of translators who couple their professional experience with expertise in the legislation, technical terminology, and format of the patent documents.

We offer translation services in nearly all fields of expertise and document types.

The primary fields of expertise are as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Aviation
  • Automotive


Our workflow is initiated with the research conducted by our Project Managers in the technical field and prior to the start of the patent document. This research enables our team to achieve an in-depth understanding of the features of the invention and decide on the accurate allocation into the correct classification. Our rich history of past patent experiences coupled with a vast vocabulary and technical knowledge ensures a consistent quality which is repeatable and deliverable on time.

Filing-Ready’ Patent Translations

Our primary focus is not only in the accurate translation of a document or to provide documents on a timely basis but in submitting successful patent applications.

We work exceptionally hard to ensure that patent applications are structured and formatted to reflect client needs but are also aligned with the necessary guidelines to ensure patent acceptance.

Client Confidentiality

We respect our clients’ need for confidentiality and pay particular attention to document & data security. We adopt absolute discretion and realize that security and privacy are important elements of our job.

We aim to be considered continuously as the “right solution partner” by our clients.