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Translation of Legal Texts

Legal texts constitute one of the highest specialized fields as it demands utmost meticulousness, accuracy, and prudence.  Inaccurate translation of such texts may lead to serious legal liabilities and exposure to both financial and non-financial damages. Our company assigns the task of translating these to translators who are seasoned in the terminology of Turkish legislation and international law.

The translation memory built by our company on the translation of legal texts enables us to deliver trusted, reliable and high-quality services.

Our legal translations include but are not limited to the following types of documents:

  • Documents of lawsuits and court verdicts
  • Patent applications
  • Legal correspondence
  • Laws and regulations
  • Tender documents, such as tender specifications, and all types of contracts
  • Expert reports
  • Certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce
  • Minutes of meetings, letters of authorization, written warnings, declarations and all kinds documents to be authenticated by public notaries.