About Us

Workflow and Quality Assurance

Workflow and Management System

Our team is composed of in-house translators, editors, localization experts, and supported by a number of other select experienced professional freelance translators and international solution partners.

We are diligent in our selection process and tend only to choose the highest quality. We work hard to match the work on hand to individuals renowned in that particular field to ensure impeccable results, every time.

What sets us apart from the competition is our professional team of translators specializing in patent translations.

We pride ourselves on getting perfect results on work that may be deemed too challenging, complicated or technical by others. We have a unique workflow and management system which ensures best results every time for the client. Our Project Managers analyze each new project carefully, taking into consideration the specific requirements of the client. They then initiate the required workflow and assign the task to the most suitable professional translator.

Quality Assurance & Timely Delivery

We ensure we meet our clients’ expectations and needs with our tried and tested Quality Assurance Program. The program involves rigorous checks throughout the life of the project, where necessary, completed with a final check made on the translation by the Editors

We are renowned for our excellent work ethics to produce documents to given deadlines. We have proven past experience in accurately prioritizing our projects to meet our clients’ propositions.